When elevated insights reveal grounded strategies,
the work takes wing.

If your business or organization needs new ways to catch currents, mobilize capital, and catalyze change, it’s time to talk to Tern.
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Even the most visionary leaders and driven companies can struggle to make good ideas take flight. At Tern, we don’t swoop in with solutions. Our research starts in the field and on the front lines, revealing what grounds you—and how to change or accelerate your trajectory.


We turn powerful ideas into products and initiatives that
propel us all forward.

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Award-winning executive leadership attracting and mobilizing resources to solve critical, complex challenges.

Healthcare access

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  • Grounding survey
  • 1:1 60-minute discussion of your challenge or opportunity
  • Birdseye view report
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  • Fractional leadership role
  • New initiative feasibility, strategy, design, and organization
  • Strategic communications, coalition building, mission, vision
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utilizing grounded theory principles, gather learning …


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Liz Rogers is brilliant! She makes complex ideas comprehensible – drawing connections between policy, people and place – while building relationships that get ideas and funding off the ground for real community impact.”

Jessica Brooks, Vice President of Investor Relations, Social Finance


  • Financial product development
  • Communications strategy
  • Fractional leadership
  • Landscape and market research
  • Capital and fundraising strategy
  • Program design


At the heart of Liz’s 30-year career is the understanding that effective communications make the difference in whether projects, initiatives and strategies move forward or not. A lifelong learner, Liz brings focus to issues critical to the well-being of people and planet, particularly, economic development, environmental sustainability and healthcare access. She has designed award-winning, multi-faceted communications programs and campaigns that attract capital, center coalitions, energize advocates, elevate issues, and help change state and federal policy. Liz has also played an instrumental role in financial product design, proposal development, brand elevation and investor relations strategy raising over $160 million in debt, equity, program-related investments and grant awards.